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Palmetto Premiere Massage

 A unique ocean inspired body treatment to soothe away life’s stresses, using advanced massage techniques to rebalance the body and melt muscular tension. This treatment begins using a combination of specialty essential oils and hot stones to relax tired, aching muscles. Surrender to paradise as you experience a full-body relaxing massage with the pressure of your choice. 90 Minutes minum

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones & oil are skillfully used in this massage to warm muscles. This relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to areas which accelerates healing. Clients can request light, medium or deep pressure.

Sports Massage

This customized therapeutic massage includes the use of hot and cold stones, trigger-point, deep tissue, and Swedish massage modalities. Concentration is on increasing range of motion and flexibility, relieving muscle soreness, and promoting quick recovery due to overuse.

Couples Massage

Couples Massage is a wonderful romantic get-away and a great way to unwind together. Our relaxing and special ambiance has been created to provide the perfect space to share relief, pampering, and time together. Enjoy any of our premiere massages together with you’re the special one in your life.

 Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic treatment aimed at the deeper structures of the muscles and connective tissue. The pressure is more intensely concentrated as your therapist works to release chronic tension and alleviate discomfort, while addressing problematic joint and muscular areas with focused moderate to deep pressure.

Prenatal Massage

After the first trimester, enjoy the tranquility of an organic oil massage designed to deliver extra care and nurturing to the mother-to-be.

Oriental Shiatsu Massage

Oriental Massage relieves stress, improves circulation, and increase energy flow to the body. This Therapy involves concentrated pressure applied to strategic points in the body for the purpose of relieving muscle stress and releasing energy.


Embark on your journey toward relaxation and health, beginning with a hot-towel cleansing ritual, followed by the stimulation of pressure points on the hands and feet, which encourages the release of blockages and increases energy flow.

Swedish Massage

This light-to-medium pressure full-body massage improves circulation while balancing and restoring your energy. Concentration is placed on soothing away stress and alleviating tension, while you experience complete relaxation.

Massage at Home

Our Therapists will arrive at your designated location on time equipped with a Comfortable Portable Massage Table. Service is available in Boca Raton for Individuals and Couples.
Please call for Pricing. Advance Notice and Travel Distance are variables to our costs.

Simple Pricing

Full Body Massages

30 Minutes - $60
60 Minutes - $90
90 Minutes - $130

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30 Minutes - $40
60 Minutes - $70
90 Minutes - $90

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60 Minutes - $185
90 Minutes - $265

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Massage at Home

60 Minutes - $130
90 Minutes - $190

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